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Achieve your career goals despite COVID-19 with TSCFM

October 17, 2020

Achieve your career goals despite COVID-19 with TSCFM

Before the covid-19 came into the picture, those of you dreamed of pursuing MBA from certain top colleges in India or studying abroad for an MBA. You had already applied to colleges, started discussing with your parents or friends your future career goals until situations arose ‘several cases have been found all over the world and now in India.’ The first case caught in India was a canary in a coal mine making us aware of the potential changes it could bring in the educational industry.

The total shift of offline to online MBA came into effect almost immediately but still our thoughts and dreams of pursuing MBA wavered.

Is an online MBA worth it?

Should I take a one-year gap to pursue MBA now that I am recently graduated?

Will I be able to get practical knowledge online as much as offline lectures?

Is paying so much money for an online MBA really worth it?

.. and the numerous thoughts keep swirling our mind and as a result, we fail to take a step towards a brighter future and achieve our career goals.

Let’s tackle the most basic question we have:

Should I pursue an MBA in this Covid-19?

What is MBA? Master’s in Business Management. Why are we doing an MBA? Either to get good jobs in the future or learn more about business and managing side of things.

A highlight is to learn.

If you learn more, you earn more.

Very few understand the meaning of this phrase but only an acute number of people actually follow it.

Your dream of career goals, to pursue an MBA is to become a future leader to bring change so when universities are doing everything in their power to give you that future by going digital, why hesitate?

Of course, basic things you should always consider for applying to college but you as a future business leader even before pursuing an MBA should think like a business manager.

How should I tackle this? How can I make my dream reality i.e. pursuing an MBA in this pandemic?

There are a few key points when considering applying for MBA online:

• Researching the universities websites to every word
• What are the universities doing in this covid-19 situation?
• What are the Covid-19 effects on MBA applications?
• Are they giving internships during the lockdown?
• How are their online learning methods?
• What is the possibility of going to offline classrooms after covid-19 gets over?
• What is the process of an MBA application during covid-19?

These are the points every University should cover and we at TSCFM are doing everything in our power to give you the learning and help you achieve your future career goals.

Covid-19 & MBA Admissions with TSCFM

Our MBA admissions team at TSCFM everyday works rigorously and with thoughtfulness to bring a safe environment for students be it online or offline and maintain the well-being of the community.

We understand scepticism behind the students’ minds and work to give the best of education.

For those of you, planning to study abroad or in India, we at TSCFM give you a chance to gain an international degree by studying here in Mumbai in India.

So, don’t worry, your future goals of studying abroad have not yet suffered the fate of grave because TSCFM’s MBA from UK university degree makes you qualified to apply for placements globally as well as all over India.

And not only about future job prospects but during a lockdown, we have placed current MBA students for their internships as well and given the opportunity to grow even during this lockdown.

Why should you opt for MBA from TSCFM?

The actual question is why should you NOT?

Let’s hope you get it.

Think about it. Covid-19 has disrupted the education industry and studying abroad plans for thousands of students. Every country is facing its own problem and to look at the bright side this situation has brought out a lot of truth side to every industry propaganda out there.

Instead of studying abroad or apply for abroad universities online MBA course and spend a fortune, is it not a brighter idea to get the same amount of knowledge and practical teaching by studying here in India at much lesser price?

Going to the US or UK to get your MBA would cost you at least Rs. 35 Lakhs or through online education.

Imagine getting the SAME prestigious foreign MBA for Rs. 8 to 11 lakhs?

TSCFM has placed its students internationally as well as working in India at renowned companies.

And let’s not forget the statistics that 81% of Indian CEOs of Top MNCs prefer to hire students with a global degree.

What is the MBA application process at TSCFM during Covid-19 like?

There are two simple steps to follow to get an MBA admission in TSCFM.

Also taking into due consideration the Covid-19 situation, we have counselors at TSCFM as well to clear your doubts before applying for an MBA or any guidance you need in career to achieve your future goals.

The first step to apply for MBA admission at TSCFM is:

1. A graduate from a recognized board of education.

Your past graduation data should include your college data and if the university you have passed out from is recognized or not.

For example, in Maharashtra, the recognised boards of education are SSC, HSC, CBSE, etc. In all, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune.

Similarly, if you are from other state in India, your degree should be legit and recognized.

2. A round of online personal interview

Your appointment date and time is scheduled before going to a personal interview. Everything is managed, you just need to have a good wifi connection.

Pro-Tip: Even though online, maintain a good appearance and have a little bit of light on your face with a good background.

The online personal interview will determine if you are a good candidate for the TSCFM university.

Now, we know what you are wondering about. Entrance Exam, Right?

Direct MBA admission without an Entrance Exam is possible at TSCFM.

Yes, you heard us right. We don’t take entrance exams. Our MBA admission process is quite simple but tough to crack on. Just because MBA admission without an entrance exam is possible at TSCFM doesn’t mean it’s easy. 😀

At TSCFM, we believe in providing our best of education, be it online or offline. Our courses at TSCFM is divided into 4 I’s i.e. International Recognition, Industry Connect, Innovative Teaching, and Individual Attention.

Your career goals are your destination. We are a roadmap, a course to help you, guide you, and grow you to achieve them.

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