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Students Voices during Lockdown

May 21, 2021

Students Voices during Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic pose a serious threat to everyone all over the globe. It changed the course of our daily activities and how! Many industries have faced huge challenges while operating during the lockdown and economy has suffered.

Many educational industries too have been facing challenges in this lockdown which have caused an adverse effect on their functioning. TSCFM, too, has had its share of these unfortunate challenges.

However, we strongly thrive towards bringing a change in the course of education while withstanding the problematic scenario.

Since the pandemic hit and lockdown came into effect in India, TSCFM quickly adapted to the use of technology and formulated ways to give utmost learning experience to students through online platforms.

All the teaching and non-teaching staff at TSCFM ensured that students continue to learn in the same way as they were before the pandemic. Our students and teachers have accepted and have adopted to the new normal of virtual classrooms very easily.

It really makes us proud when our students bring out their voices and spread more positivity in this lockdown and talk about how TSCFM has been bringing out their good sides and improvement in this lockdown through online learning or virtual classrooms.

Below are a few stories of our MBA students on how they utilized their time in this period, their online classes and internship provided by the TSCFM:


Muskan Gaggar, MBA 2019-22 tscfm

“ Locked down in the house since 3 months have bought lot of changes, change in the daily routine , change in the food habits, change to basically everything, as said ‘Change is the only constant thing’ Well, keeping myself involved through-out these days was not that difficult, because initially I was busy completing assignments as there was a major change happening, offline to online lectures and kudos to the TSCFM team that they pulled it off in such an amazing manner and learning was made more fun with convenience and was nothing different from our offline lectures..

Currently I am working as an intern in Medscape India as marketing executive and apart from this I am working as a volunteer in Muskan Dreams under Madhya Pradesh Government which is working for the education of rural backward students. Both the work is giving me different experiences and different set of knowledge and is helping me make way for various opportunities to learn and grow.”


Karan Shah, MBA 2019-22 tscfm

“This lockdown has changed the way we live our lives. This lockdown made me complete 8 books of different genres which were knowledgeable and life-enriching. I am constantly learning through online courses and online lectured conducted by TSCFM. I’d like to say college has done a really good job going online by wasting no time. There was proper discipline and very well held lectures and proper communication between the groups. So, kudos to the TSCFM team!

I also got a remote summer internship at Imaginate which deals in Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Mixed reality-based software products. Through this internship, I got a wonderful opportunity to interact and network with elite people of top companies and add to my knowledge, skills and experience.”


Esther Mary Johnson, MBA 2019-22 tscfm

“Being at home I was able to explore my hobbies which included making artifacts using paper quilling, reading novels and also tried my hand in making cakes with my sister. I am getting an exposure of work from home internship from “Ashika Group”. I have been able to understand and learn more about banks so far and I am sure that in the coming days it will involve more learning.

I’d also like to say that the online sessions were very well planned and handled carefully by the TSCFM team. The experience in online lectures is quite good because our lectures are interactive and packed with learning and practical insights.”

This is why we do what we do.

To keep our students happy and help them push pass their limits, open themselves to new opportunities and achieve greater results.

AT TSCFM, though there is lockdown going on in the country, we are providing placement assistance as well as internship opportunities to our MBA students.

We are at a priority of keeping our students’ mental health safe and help them grow and make them see a bright side to this Covid-19 and remain positive.

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