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A MBA without an entrance exam", Is it really possible?

December 29, 2023

A MBA without an entrance exam

Do you plan to pursue MBA?

If yes, are you busy with XAT, CAT, MAT, NMAT…..and many more?

Institutions providing management courses demand a perfect score in entrance exams to let a candidate pursue his/her management degree.
Such reputed institutions, all over the country, have high scores already set for their candidates.

Even though such a setting encourages competitiveness, most candidates do not get the opportunity to pursue a PDGM program.

The reason is the difficulty level of such exams which makes them harder to crack.

Studying an extensive syllabus such as that of CAT or MAT can be exhausting in many ways.

A difficult curriculum becomes more challenging to candidates who are new to management or MBA course structures.

Therefore, the entrance exams can cause a delay in admissions, too, sending many capable candidates away from the industries.

Additionally, with high scores in entrance exams, top business schools also demand special qualifications from their candidates.

One of the most challenging aspects is the time it takes! Candidates wait for long years with such exams, which also postpones their education.

Due to this, candidates face a difficult time getting jobs which causes a general delay in starting a career. Such a delay can be demotivating for candidates.

With this, they must also pay high costs while enrolling in entrances like MAT or CAT.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that the candidate will clear the exam. Therefore, many such factors can make the process of entrance exams difficult for candidates.

In this situation, we have some good news!

The candidate who has not scored enough in the entrance exams or has not attempted them at all can also opt for a direct course in MBA.

There are MBA institutes in Mumbai that offer MBA Course without an entrance exam. However, one must enroll in an institution that has a good quality of education, curriculum, accreditations, and affiliations.

One such institution that offers Direct Admission for MBA is Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management.

TSCFM offers a credible Post Graduate Diploma in Management at affordable fees. It also gives dual qualifications within one Management Program. i.e., Globally recognized PGDBM from EduQual (UK) + Government-approved specialization from NSDC.

The course is very beneficial as it uplifts career growth and improves professional skills in candidates.

This trains them to face the growing competition in the industry efficiently.

The MBA course eligibility is a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution/university.

Additionally, if a student has cleared any national-level MBA entrance exams such as CAT, CMAT, MAT, or XAT, it shall be considered an added advantage.

To conclude, TSCFM is one of the very few MBA colleges without an entrance exam.

This bridges the gap for candidates who are not able to get into institutions that solely depend on other national-level entrance exams. With this, TSCFM also offers various specializations in MBA course.

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