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5 Key Skills Today’s Youth Are Missing That Can Make Them More Employable

5 Key Skills Today’s Youth Are Missing That Can Make Them More Employable

Education has come a long way, and technology has played a critical role in enhancing education. However, even now, students are missing out on critical skills required to make a graduate or undergraduate employable.

Our students still struggle, first to get a job, and then to cope with work pressure. This phenomenon is occurring across all sectors.

There are five key skills, which are currently missing in most curriculums, that can enable students to become employable and then grow.

These skills are enumerated below and can help students become not only employable but also professionals:

1. Active Communication

A lot has been said about this topic, but most of these articles and sessions miss out on the core principles of communication that involve “active” listening and relevant response.

Most of the students do not have the patience or attitude to listen correctly and are eager to respond without understanding the statement itself. Also, the response is often not according to the person concerned, in terms of their understanding as per the requirement. This is not as complex as it sounds.

All we need to do is listen to the statement, and take time to understand and respond in simple but clear language, which is not open to multiple interpretations.

2. Language

Despite the various spell check and auto-fill tools, many students have neglected to understand language, especially in the last decade. Even while speaking, grammar, adjectives, and adverbs are used incorrectly, leading to poor written tests and interviews.

One of the easiest ways to improve your spoken language is to subscribe to appropriate English news channels which practice responsible journalism. Students should also spend some time every day to write at least 600 words and conduct a self-check.

This will improve both their writing skills and grammar.

3. Sales Orientation

Sales orientation is your ability to sell your ideas and objectives to other people. It is a common misconception that only direct sales or marketing jobs require selling skills.

The first sales pitch for a student is to be able to sell his profile to the recruiter, which needs “Sales Orientation.” Every student should be able to package, position, and project their profile so that they catch the attention of the recruiter amidst hundreds of other profiles and candidates.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Every organization wants solution-driven people – those who spot problems and solve them rather than complaining about them.

The interview battle is half won if a student can project that, and concentrate on solving problems rather than dwelling on them.

5. Personal Grooming and Presentation

You buy what you see. Personal grooming is one of the most critical and ignored aspects of cracking an interview and then growing in your career. A well-groomed and polite student always stands out in the crowd.

This does not mean that students need to spend a fortune on their wardrobe or hair styling. All it means is that the student needs to carry a clean and smart look with a professional demeanor.

Our world has changed a lot, and is continuously evolving. Technology and the global economy are developing at such a fast pace that technical skills requirements change every few years.

However, skills such as the ones described in this article are fundamental to any organisation and are transferable across sectors and domains. By paying attention to these, and improving oneself actively, students can become more employable and find the right employment opportunities to succeed in the professional world.

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