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MBA Student Taniya Nagpal article featured in Business Line on Campus

MBA Student Taniya Nagpal article featured in Business Line on Campus

Interactions with industry experts and working with cross-functional teams added value to stint with MMI
Iwas offered an internship with Money Management India (MMI), a B2B trade media network, aiming to encourage discussion, research, and education, in the asset and wealth management industry. I believe an internship is crucial in gaining experience outside of the classroom. So, when this opportunity was offered to me, I decided to make the most of it, despite it being online.

The first week of my virtual internship involved training where the firm shared reference materials with me to help me understand the nature of work. During the course of my virtual internship, communicating with my colleagues on Google Meets became a standard practice. Some skills learned during my virtual internship include — cross verifying information and understanding various funds and approaches used by different fund managers. I also had the opportunity to interact with many industry experts.

The firm’s work culture ensured that each of us had equal opportunity and resources to learn and develop new skills. Hansi Mehrotra, Founder-Editor, Money Management India, was kind enough to assist us with writing material and also imparted us with knowledge beyond our scope of work as well.

Mehrotra said, “Tania was the first intern we hired when we started our internship programme at the start of the Covid lockdown. While she didn’t have the level of CFA knowledge compared to others who were studying for the CFA charter, she was able to keep pace. The work involved writing dossiers, articles, and presentations. Interns also learned to present their work. So, it was meant to give practical experience in both investment and communication skills. Even though Tania didn’t have the CFA knowledge compared to other interns, she was determined to stick it out to the end.”

This virtual internship improved my ability to work in a team and enhanced my overall personality development. I have now learnt more digital aspects of my work and become an effective communicator. During the course of my internship, I met new people and was able to learn from each and every one. This opportunity gave me many chances to grow and improved my corporate social network. I would like to thank TSCFM for providing this opportunity that will definitely help my career in the finance domain.

(The writer is currently pursuing her MBA from Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management. An ambivert, she loves to express herself through poetry. She is passionate about creating a start-up in the future.)

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