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How to Get into an MBA College Without Appearing for Entrance Exams?

May 06, 2024

How to Get into an MBA College Without Appearing for Entrance Exams?

A good education can change your world for the better. However, just educating yourself isn’t enough, choosing a reputable institute is also important.

For example, if you want to pursue a postgraduate program in business management, then you must choose college and your specialization wisely. Searching for affordable quality education isn’t difficult.

Many top MBA colleges in Mumbai are now offering MBA programs that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

But how do you select the best one among them?

Below are five factors to consider when shortlisting MBA colleges in Mumbai.

1. Which specialization intrigues you?

Figuring your career goal is a prerequisite to finding a relevant MBA college.

When shortlisting good MBA colleges in Mumbai, you should check all the programs offered by institutes and list out the ones best suited for you.

Missing out on this step can cost you a fortune and take away precious years of your life.

2. Does the program fee suit your budget?

Another important that you need to consider when selecting a good MBA college in Mumbai is the tuition fees.

Paying lakhs of rupees for courses that don’t bring you the right returns can hardly be considered a good career move.

Also, when shortlisting colleges, be sure to look for institutions that help students finance their course fees through education loans.

3. What is the legacy of the institute?

Given a chance, which college would you opt for? A college with a five-year-old history or the one that has influenced many students over the years?

If you are one of those who wish to focus on quality education, then choose a college that has a proven track record. Such colleges have experienced faculty and provide you with a better learning experience.

4. What is the past performance of the institute?

Imagine that after graduating from a top MBA college in Mumbai, you realize that the institute has a better record in placing students from a different specialization than the one you had opted for.

A nightmare, right? To save yourself from this misery, go through the placement records before enrolment. Check if companies have recruited students from the specialization of your choice from the institute.

5. What exposure can the institute provide you?

Before you begin dreaming about your career growth after an MBA degree, check all MBA institutes in Mumbai for additional opportunities provided by them during the length of the course.

Will you be exposed to the global industry?

Will you be given placement assistance? Asking yourself such questions will help you shortlist colleges that will best suit you and provide you with with a global platform to kick start your career.

Still confused about which MBA college to choose from?

To name one, ‘Thandomal Shahani Center For Management’, located in Mulund, Mumbai, helps you get selected for college with a personal interview and after selection, it has a lot to offer you.

TSCFM’s focus is on comprehensive development, providing students with a globally relevant curriculum, an innovative teaching methodology, and international faculty members who have hands-on business leadership.

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