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Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends of 2021

April 05, 2021

Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends of 2021

We have witnessed how business intelligence has evolved in this decade.

Business intelligence refers to a set of processes and technologies that allow you to convert raw data into meaningful and concrete information that can be used to grow a business.

The following are the top business intelligence trends 2021

1] Enhanced Data security:

Data security is mainly of protecting digital information from theft, corruption, or unauthorized access. Nowadays, the trend for data security is growing, and in 2021 businesses are seeking much more secure solutions for business data.

2] Data-driven storytelling:

Moving Forward, if we discuss Data Storytelling, then it is the fastest way to empower your team to both understand and act on data through the power of stories. It builds a data-driven and transparent culture, creates conversations about what matters.

Talking about the Business Intelligence trend in 2021, this customized data-driven storytelling approach is massive and helpful. The decision-making process became simpler, convenient, and accessible which gives practical solutions to the team.

The trend of data storytelling will change the way businesses use data to engage, adopting new ideas which are customized to the unique business model.

3] DQM – Data quality management:

Forging Ahead, another trend is Data quality management (DQM), which refers to the business principle that requires a combination of the right people, processes, and technologies all with the common goal of improving the measures of data quality that matter most to an enterprise organization. In 2021, businesses are likely to implement data quality processes that elevate their ability to use BI effectively.

4] Mobile Business Intelligence:

With Mobile Business Intelligence platforms, businesses can access data any time and any place, access real-time data for quicker response, operate with a more remote workforce, and enhance internal communications.

5] Cloud:

Lastly, the most important Business Intelligence trend in 2021, then is the Cloud. It has all the elements like data storage, data models, and analytics, which are now moving to the cloud in 2021.

These days, businesses are seeking more connected cloud strategies that come with the benefit of reduced risk and flexibility.

Keeping up with the trends in business intelligence is the key to creating a successful career, especially when you are pursuing an MBA program. If you are looking for options, then you can consider studying MBA from a UK university itself here.

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