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Why the CBSE introduced and then withdrew continuous evaluation

Why the CBSE introduced and then withdrew continuous evaluation

Dr Akhil Shahani, managing director of the Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management and the Shahani Group, says that in the CCE, students were to be assessed based on their class performance, homework, submission of assigned projects, periodic tests and active participation in various activities conducted in class. Schools were told to implement CCE assessment as they saw fit. “Unfortunately, a majority of schools could not adapt to this new model as they did not know how to train faculty to change old methods of teaching. There were also complaints that students were not able to do well in standardised exams needed for admission into top colleges,” he says.
It’s no secret that admissions to leading colleges can be impacted by even one mark, which affects the overall percentage. With every state board having different marking methods, the CCE, say teachers, could not lead to standardised marks. “This method was revoked in 2017 and the CBSE reverted to the old model of year-end exams, which fuels the learning-by-rote method,” says Shahani.

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